1. mcoop


mcoop is a small webapp written in PHP for managing Co-Operatives where the primary work that members can do is writing code. Currently the only written features are:

* A bug-tracker like task list with the ability to award dividend credits to members who work on the task and submit claims on a task.

But in the future should have more features including automatic dividend credit distribution each month based on contributions to the Co-Operatives' repositories and include utilities for calculating the yearly dividend value for each user among other things.

I only started hacking on it on Jan 24th, 2018 so it still doesn't have many features but hopefully something will come of it.

There's a lot that could also be done to make managing Co-Operatives easier, most of this is highly WIP so any suggestions or feature requests are appreciated, I'll probably be starting up a launchpad project for it soon but in the mean time you can contact me on (TFKyle) if you have any ideas or thoughts.

Sample Install Git Repository

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