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Depspec is a small program written in Python that allows you to view a Binaries Dependencies (and symbols that it exports/imports from deps), currently it supports ELF (via marienz'es and PE (via. diSlib64). also planned is UT package files (using the parser I wrote) and while it's not really a binary format gentoo ebuilds.

Depspec is highly modeled after Dependency Walker, and was initially made as a linux-compatable alternative to it, however currently it doesn't have all the features and doesn't integrate in windows as well as dependency walker (would like to fill out most of the features, but some things (symbol demangling fex.) are a bit hard).


Depspec requires Python (2.5+), tfplib, Gtk+ and PyGtk (in windows pywin32 is also required). eventually there should be support for using Qt/PyQt or other toolkits instead of Gtk+/PyGTK, but not yet.

For getting depspec and tfplib from version control you will also need a couple version control tools, namely Bazaar and subversion.


Once you've gotten Bazaar you can get my depspec branch from either the launchpad mirror (might lag behind a bit, but is most likely a lot faster than branching from my server) or from my server by running:


for Premade packages for a couple OSes/Distros see /Packages.

if there's no Package or Standalone Binary for your OS/Distro or you want to hack on depspec you'll have to install depspec manually.

First you'll want to make sure all the deps are installed/install the ones that are missing, on windows you might want to look at Windows/Python for a couple things you should do after installing Python, and Windows/Gtk for a few methods of installing a gtk runtime in windows.

after the deps are all installed you can install depspec itself, it uses distutils and has a good structure for using PYTHONPATH or symlinks as mentioned in InstallingPythonPackages so you can use one of the methods described there to install it. if using 2 or 3 you might want to do a couple extra things:


feel free to join #init or /query me directly on (nick: TFKyle) if you want to ask me any questions, discuss code or generally just stab me :) Also, you can submit bugs, ask questions, submit feature requests (blueprints) and submit translations at the launchpad project for depspec.


Depspec on Linux


Depspec on Windows


Hacked up UT support


  • not in svn currently, needs to be worked out more

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